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Fare for All supports local food shelves through Emergency Foodshelf Network

Emergency Foodshelf Network
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About Fare For All

Fare For All is a great way to save money on quality nutritious food. We buy fruits, vegetables, and frozen meats in bulk to save you up to 40% off grocery store prices. We select the best food from our shipments, pre-packaging it to give you the greatest deals. We accept Cash, Credit/Debit cards, and EBT.  Fare For All is community supported and open to everyone. The more people who participate, the better.

Fare For All Highlights

Below are the Fare For All sales scheduled for the week of
April 21st - 25th:

New Hope - Warehouse Sale (4/21)
8501 54th Avenue N

Roseville - Real Life Church (4/22)
2353 Chatsworth St. N

Stillwater - Stillwater Junior High (4/22)
523 W Marsh St.

S. Minneapolis - Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (4/23)
2730 E 31st Street

St. Paul - Hallie Q. Brown Community Center (4/24)
270 N Kent St.