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Fare for All supports local food shelves through Emergency Foodshelf Network

Emergency Foodshelf Network

History of Fare For All

Fare For All began in Minnesota in 1986 under the name of Fare Share. Fare Share was part of SHARE, the nationwide network of Cooperative Food Purchasing Programs. It was run locally by Ramsey Action Program (RAP), a non-profit in Saint Paul.

RAP started Fare Share in order to encourage volunteerism and stretch food budgets. When it first began there were twenty host sites; this number grew to approximately two hundred sites within a five year period. At its peak in the early 1990s the program distributed an average of 40,000 packages per month within Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northern Iowa, and South Dakota.

The program began to experience difficulties in the mid 1990s, due to high rental and food costs. In August of 2002 RAP asked the Emergency Foodshelf Network to take over Fare Share. Distribution numbers continued to struggle as the program was rebuilt under different management.

In January of 2007 Fare For All launched a new program, Fare For All Express. While maintaining the Traditional program model, Express enabled people to buy their food without pre-payment. This initiative has resulted in new growth for the program. Currently there are 95 distribution locations within Minnesota. New sites continue to open as there is an increased demand.