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Fare for All supports local food shelves through Emergency Foodshelf Network

Emergency Foodshelf Network

Express Frequently asked Questions

Q: What does the date on the meat I purchased indicate?

A: The date on your meat package is a freeze by date not an expiration date. Fare For All guarantees that the meat you receive has been frozen since before the freeze by date. Once frozen, the meat is safe to eat for up to two years after this date. Fare For All is very strict in following USDA guidelines on food dating, storage, and usage – and especially about food dating! For more information on food dating visit the USDA Website

Q: Can I purchase food items individually or do I have to buy the entire package?

A: Fare For All buys in bulk using a cooperative food purchasing model. Packages of food are put together in order to utilize volume purchasing power. The savings is passed on to participants. Because of this you must buy in packages. Our New Hope Warehouse location, however, is open every other Monday and sells items individually. For information go to warehouse sales.

Q: May I use my Credit/Debit/EBT Card to Purchase Food?

A: Yes, absolutely. Fare For All Express accepts: credit & debit cards, EBT funds, and cash. We do not accept personal checks at Express locations.

Q: May I go to more than one site, even if I don’t live in that county?

A: You may go to any site. There are no boundary restrictions. You may also go to multiple sites a month.

Q: How is Fare For All able to offer food at such a low cost?

A: Fare For All uses a cooperative food purchasing model that utilizes volume purchasing power. Fare For All purchases the produce and meat in large quantities at whole sale price. Participants are then able to buy their share of the bulk order for 40% savings.

Q: Are there any qualifications to purchase food through Fare For All?

A: There are no qualifications or income restrictions, the program is open to everyone.

Q: What does FARE stand for?

A: Food And Resource Exchange.

Q: If I purchase food through this program am I taking away food from someone else who may need it more than I?

A: Absolutely not. Fare For All uses a cooperative food purchasing model which utilizes bulk purchasing power. This means that the more people who participate the more purchasing power the program has and the more savings then will be passed on to participants.

Q: Where does the food come from?

A: All the food is purchased through wholesalers. The food, depending on the season, is either locally grown or sent from all over the country.