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Traditional Fare For All Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the deadline to order Food Packages?

A:  Orders must be in by Friday the week before distribution.  For example, if the distribution is on Saturday, January 22nd, your order must be called in before Friday, January 14th.

Q:  What if I cannot pick up my package?

A:  If you purchase the package unfortunately there are no refunds.  If you cannot pick it up yourself you can arrange for someone else to do so on your behalf.  Send your receipt and a signed note with the person picking up for you. 

Q:  Can I pay with my Credit/Debit/EBT Card over the phone?

A: Yes, you can call us at 763-450-3880 or 1-800-582-4291.  We also accept personal checks and money orders.

Q:  Can I purchase food items individually or do I have to buy the entire package?

A:  Fare For All buys in bulk using a cooperative food purchasing model.  Packages of food are put together in order to utilize volume purchasing power.  The savings is passed on to participants.  Because of this you must buy in packages.  Our New Hope Warehouse location, however, is open every other Monday and sells items individually.  For information go to: warehouse sales.

Q:  Are the prices the same at each site?

A:  Some distribution sites charge a minimal transportation fee.  The maximum fee for transportation is $2.00 per package.  This fee is charged at the distribution site when you pick up your food.

Q: What does the date on the meat I purchased indicate?

A: The date on your meat package is a freeze by date not an expiration date. Fare For All guarantees that the meat you receive has been frozen since before the freeze by date. Once frozen, the meat is safe to eat for up to two years after this date. Fare For All is very strict in following USDA guidelines on food dating, storage, and usage – and especially about food dating! For more information on food dating visit the USDA Website