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Fare for All supports local food shelves through Emergency Foodshelf Network

Emergency Foodshelf Network

Order a Traditional Fare For All Package

Pre-Order your Food Package

for Pick-up in your Neighborhood

Fare For All offers a variety of food packages each month. There is sure to be a package that meets your needs! You can order as many as you'd like and pick them up at your local Fare For All site.

If it is your first time ordering, simply call 763-450-3880 or 1-800-582-4291 to place an order.

Check packages and prices to determine what food packages would be the best value for you.

When pre-paying for your traditional package, orders must be submitted before Friday, the week BEFORE the distribution date. When you pick up your food, you can order for the following month with cash, check, or EBT. Otherwise you can continue to order through the Fare For All phone line using your credit or debit card.

Traditional Fare For All accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Food Support Funds (EBT).